Living with MS can be overwhelming. There was a point when I realized I will have to live with this auto-immune disease for the rest of my life. As a person who loves a game plan, with at least 3 other back-up plans, there was no back-up. It started to feel really sad and depressing for a couple of months. I asked myself what the shift was and realized I wasn’t conserving enough of my energy to spend time doing what brings me joy.

So, I started to draw again, watercolor, and take on some projects to help with my BFF’s wedding. I sat down one day and about 6 hours later was awakened for my intense concentration with a grumbly tummy.  It felt good to be artistic again.

So I decided to take on some new crafts, embroidery! I am obsessed and can’t wait to embroider ALL of my napkins.

Check out my newest section with my DIY crafts.


This is my sandia napkin the start of a flower garland.