Stealing or Scavenging?

Sorry for my absence, I haven’t been doing a great job documenting my cooking adventures. And then I came down with the flu. After a week of being holed up I finally emerged from my casita azul today and took the dog for a walk. I was almost home when I looked down and saw something I haven’t seen since living in Mexico City, DF. I quickly picked it up and smelled it. It had the same smell, looked like it and went home and cut it open. Could it be, in Northern California did I just find a guava on the side walk? I scrambled to the internet to double check and yes I did! It’s a pineapple guava. I was so excited, I walked back and knocked on the door. No one was home, so I just picked up a few of guavas that had fallen on the public sidewalk and dirt.

Your opinion, did i just steal guava from my neighbor or did I scavenging it? It should be noted I have plans to go back and try again and collect more. I hate watching amazing fruit go to waste. I saw this happen to a beautiful fig tree around the block.  It’s obvious they aren’t harvesting them and don’t even know what they have falling off of their trees.


Guava recipes coming soon! edit: nope no recipes, best enjoyed raw and simple!


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