Portabello Street Tacos

I miss carne asada, yes I know most vegans claim they don’t. And in many ways I don’t have such a horrible craving that I go out and gorge on tacos for days and then feel the pain. cough cough that may have been exactly what I did when i made the connection between my MS pain and correlation with animal fat.



2 portabello mushrooms

1 garlic clove

pinch of salt

1 tbls of cumin seed

2 tbls of EVOO

corn tortillas of choice

homemade salsa of choice

nut cheese of choice



marinade your portabellos in salt, garlic, cumin seed and 1 tbls of evoo for at least 1 day






2. heat your skillet to med/high and add 1 tbs of evoo and mushrooms cook on high for about 7 mins, lower to med/low and cook until all of liquid evaporates

3. cook your tortilla, add your nut butter and any taco toppings of choice, and salsa. I enjoy mind street tacos style with a sprinkle of cilantro and diced onions. Wrap in half and enjoy. I have now enjoyed this with kobucha  squash, delicata squash and even butternut squash.

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