Cashew Cheeze

It’s official, I use this cheeze on everything and anything. I just finished eating a taco with drizzled in this cheeze mixed with cilantro and onions. I just ate a strawberry cheezecake for dessert and I have plans to make a butternut mac n’ cheeze dish this weekend. Tired of spending about $7.00 on cashew … More Cashew Cheeze

Vegan Ramen Noodles

Sooorrry everyone, like most this these past couple of months have been a whirl- wind! I was able to spend a little over 2 weeks in Spain over Thanksgiving. I must admit that when I’m traveling my vegan diet goes out the window. My goal is ┬áto get better about staying true to what makes … More Vegan Ramen Noodles

Vegan Gomoku Okowa

Mmmmm… steamed rice. This recipe is filling, warm, so versatile. This is one of those meals that sticks to your bones on a cold night. I was inspired after watching this video from Peaceful Cuisine. I don’t have burdock, and I added wakame seaweed, trumpet mushrooms and substituted liquid aminos instead of soy sauce. And … More Vegan Gomoku Okowa

Vegan Verde Pozole

It’s my birthday month! This weekend I went to Gracias Madre, it had been years since I was last there. Last time i was a meat eater and thought “wow, this is all delicious substitutes for my regular diet” and continued to eat meat, dairy and eggs. Now that my MS diet and lifestyle has … More Vegan Verde Pozole

Vegan Ceviche

For my birthday month I had an amazing dinner at Gracias Madre, which blew my mind and inspired me. I enjoyed their coconut ceviche and was so excited to go home and recreate it. 4 years ago I lived in Mexico City for 3 months, there I ate my way through all of the al … More Vegan Ceviche